Using Ionic to build Mobile apps

Ionic uses web development techniques to build mobile apps

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#Number PDF Word Doc Description
1. 1Quick Install Guide.pdf 1Quick Install Guide.docx All the software required to develop mobile apps
2. 2Windows Command prompt tutorial.pdf 2Windows Command prompt tutorial.docx Windows commands
3. 3Ionic CLI Introduction.pdf 3Ionic CLI Introduction.docx Ionic mobile app Command Line Interface
4. 4Ionic Folder Structure.pdf 4Ionic Folder Structure.docx Ionic folders and files
5. 5IonicTutorial1.pdf 5IonicTutorial1.docx Using Ionic
6. 6Angularjs Concepts+exercises.pdf 6Angularjs Concepts.docx Using Angularjs to build functionality
7. 7Deploying App+IonicCreator.pdf 7Deploying App+IonicCreator.docx Generating your APK file to install on your Android phone